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Author: Ronald Sawka


Publisher:CTF Publishing

Date Published:Oct 2022

Size:A5(148mm x 210mm)





It's easy to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit when the presence of the Lord is strong. But what about when you can't sense His presence? Jesus wasn't hindered when He was met with bitter opposition and relentless antagonism. Neither were the eary apostles. They could discern the voice of God and flow
in the Holy Spinit no matter how hard a situation felt. Activation will enable you to do the same. Though a situation may seem dry or dead, you will be able to hear the voice of God by faith. This book will help guide you through the process of activation, as well as guide you the tools to activate others.

A few topics addressed are as follows:
-Explaining Activation
-Heaning the Voice of God No Matter What
-Three Primary Ways God Communicates with Us
-Prophetic Flow and Revelation Gifts
-The Essence of Prophecy
-Following the Lord in Warfare through Prophetic Praise
-How to Keep Moving Forward in the Prophetic


About the Author

Ron Sawka and his wife, Teddy, have lived in Japan since 1975.
They are long known in Asia as leaders in the apostolic-prophetc
renewal. Their apostolic netmork has merged with Catch The Fire, for which they now serve as Apostolic Ambassadors.

How to Activate Prophecy and Revelation Gifts

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